Employee Assistance Programme

‘Our expertise allows your business to operate and develop, unhindered and unrestricted by maximising the support offered to employees.’

SPA has grown to become a provider of corporate psychology services. SPA specialises in providing psychological support to employees within corporate organisations who might be experiencing a wide range of psychological problems. Your business operation faces a growing number of challenges from an array of sources and issues such as corporate governance and increase demands on employees. This can at times cause individual difficulty when working under pressure. Maintaining a healthy workforce is paramount for organisational sustainability and profitability.

SPA recognises that mental health difficulties can interfere with workplace performance, result in absenteeism and can hamper company growth. SPA delivers a comprehensive range of psychological services to private sector companies across the UK to ensure employee emotional wellbeing. SPA has significant experience working with psychological problems employees might experience including:

  • Employee Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Anger
  • PTSD
  • Addictions
  • Bereavement
  • Family/Relationship Issues
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Personal and Emotional Difficulties
  • Health and Behavioral Issues

What we do

We provide one-to-one psychological support in a measured and timely manner to employees working within corporate organisations who might be experiencing various forms of difficulty.

We will be there, whenever and wherever you need us. We will respond quickly and effectively, with the maximum of effort and the minimum of fuss. We deliver support in the UK and overseas.

What makes us different?

SPA is an independent company whose members are affiliated with the Health Professionals Council (HCPC) and accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Our clinical expertise is developed from a comprehensive experience and knowledge base. Our level of accreditation is second to none in the industry and we have a proven track record of delivering meticulous and bespoke interventions backed by a commitment to the highest levels of quality, service and client care. Our expertise gives us the insight to look beyond the immediate brief to the wider implications for both employee and company sustainability. This enables us to deliver robust, practical and cost-effective therapeutic solutions to the employee at any scale.

Who we work with

We provide occupational health departments, private health providers and corporate business immediate support without lengthy waiting times. We have particular experience working with multinational corporations in the healthcare, broadcasting, energy, telecoms and financial services sectors. We have provided therapeutic support to clients who are employed by some of the world’s biggest companies.

Why Use Our Services

Independent research estimates that nearly 40% of all sickness absence is due to employees experiencing mental health problems or psychological difficulties. Nearly £6 billion pounds a year is being lost through sickness absence. The financial and legal implications, as well as the employee ill health within organisations can be costly. Utilising the expertise of specialist clinical staff actively promotes and maintains good health in the workplace, by supporting employers and employees whenever health problems occur. Continuing good mental health and wellbeing of any employee is important to achieve business objectives. A supportive work environment improves physical and emotional health, motivation and productivity.

At SPA our unique approach and point of difference lies in our expertise in enhancing behavioural change and understanding of human behaviour in the workplace.  SPA has the unique insight into the overall health and wellbeing of an organisation. We are passionate about our contribution to assist people to lead better lives and work in partnership to develop tailored psychological initiatives aimed at preventing and proactively responding to individual and organisational challenges.

What Are The Benefits For Your Organisation?

When psychological difficulties are addressed early, our therapeutic approach can benefit both the individual and organisation through:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity & performance
  • Increased employee morale & motivation
  • Reduced occupational stress & conflict
  • Reduced staff turnover and associated loss of technical expertise
  • Reduced costs associated with industrial relations cases

Adhering to confidentiality, we at SPA provide reactive and proactive strategies for enhancing employee emotional well-being. We also integrate individual counselling with organisational interventions and can work with your staff at our offices, at their home or at your workplace.